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Where did the time go?

We all like to know, and we need to know for billing and management purposes. With WiseTime, we don’t even have to track it ourselves. WiseTime operates behind the scenes in your computer, capturing on which files, activities or websites you are spending your time. WiseTime generates reports seamlessly to let you know exactly where the time went.

After years of looking for a solution to track my time, WiseTime finally gives me a report that I can use, without me having to do anything. Priceless!

Maritza Schafer, IDyMe, San Francisco

Every morning I spend about three hours answering client emails. WiseTime automatically tags my replies with the client matter number, so now I know exactly what I worked on. Whether I bill it or not, this is terrific!

Tony Lee, Attorney, Australia

I manage 20 software developers across 7 countries. WiseTime tells me how many hours each contractor worked for me, and which activities consumed the most time. It even integrates with JIRA!

Stuart Hughes, London

We ran a WiseTime trial to see if we can increase billable hours over our existing "start-stop" timekeeping tools. On average, we recovered another hour per person a week in billable time. This is a significant ROI.

D.S. Trial Manager at Law Firm, Australia

I was VERY happy with WiseTime and especially the customer service you provided. I found WiseTime perfect for time tracking purposes. You were the bomb!

Dr Tom Lagen, MD, US
100% private

100% private

Submit your work activities and keep the personal ones, personal.

While you want to easily track your work, you may not want to share what you do on your computer that is not work related. With WiseTime you can choose which timekeeping records to post and which to keep private, for your eyes only.

Seamless timesheet automation

Seamless timesheet automation

Never fill out a timesheet again.

Time capturing software is great when used properly, but it usually requires you to remember to start and stop the time … and that’s easy to forget. WiseTime is always running in the background, seamlessly, accurately and consistently creating automatic entries of everything you’re doing without any effort on your part.

Increase revenue

Increase revenue

While also boosting productivity.

Managing time and resources is critical to profitability and effectiveness, but it is a challenge to do without burdening your team. You can now see exactly how time has been spent, without wasting anybody’s time trying to generate accurate reports that are automatically and seamlessly created by WiseTime.

Accurate time management insight

Accurate time management insight

Help you focus on what’s important.

Anytime you are using your computer, whether online or working on offline programs, WiseTime creates an entry with no gaps as it is capturing everything all the time. This allows you to understand exactly how time is being spent, what programs and projects are taking most of your time, and with no effort on your part to create this valuable reporting.

Manage your workforce

Manage your workforce

No matter where they are.

With global staff and decentralized workforces, organizations need better time-management than ever before. WiseTime allows managers to understand how their teams are working, no matter what time zone they’re in or what hours they choose to keep. With WiseTime night owls and early birds can work whenever they want and be equally accountable.

Ease of integration with your current tools and programs

Ease of integration with your current tools and programs

WiseTime seamlessly incorporates into your current workflow.

WiseTime automatically logs usage across all operating systems, including virtualized enterprise environments. WiseTime also integrates with some of the world’s most popular project, finance or software management programs, automatically tagging your activities with the proper project codes.

How does it work?

How does it work?

WiseTime logs your computer activity, capturing exactly how you spend your time, whether you are connected to the internet or not. By recognizing whatever your mouse is scrolling or pointed on, WiseTime creates a record and captures it as a task. If you are part of a team or larger organization, you can send your tagged activities straight to billing. WiseTime also lets you generate reports and authenticates these as a proof of activity.

WiseTime is the ultimate solution for those who want passive, private time keeping.

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