Private time capture that works while you do

The Old Way

Manual timesheets, or start-stop software

The Old Way

What we're not:

  • Big-brother
  • Surveillance
  • Manual
  • Start-stop software

With WiseTime

Automated timekeeping that helps you stay focused

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With WiseTime

What we are:

  • Automated
  • Private
  • Accurate
  • Time-savers!
Seamless, automated timekeeping

Seamless, automated timekeeping

No more timesheets, or starting and stopping.

You can focus on more important things as WiseTime seamlessly captures time entries while you continue uninterrupted. WiseTime delivers accurate time capture without the manual entry so that you can keep your attention on more important matters.

Uncompromised individual privacy

Uncompromised individual privacy

Share only what you choose, and keep your private tasks private.

Your WiseTime timeline is visible only to you until you choose to post the time. You can delete entries from your activity timeline prior to posting and also set up rules around what is included to ensure your private tasks stay private.

Relationship building billing

Relationship building billing

Create detailed invoices in seconds that your clients will love you for.

You can create thorough billing reports that will take your client relationships to the next level. Save time and add detail, with comprehensive reports at the click of a button.

Seamless integration with your existing programs

Seamless integration with your existing programs

Automatic tagging and flow of information saves even more time.

WiseTime integrations allow time entries to flow seamlessly to your existing time accounting solutions. You can set it up to recognize ticket numbers, case identifiers and client names from your case management system and automatically tag these. This means entries are allocated to the right places and the burden of reporting is greatly reduced.

Manage flexible working arranagements

Manage flexible working arranagements

Keep track of teams & projects, no matter where you are or what hours you work.

It can be a challenge to manage remote workforces and flexible working arrangements. With WiseTime you can easily manage contracted employees, capture and collate team project time and facilitate flexible working arrangements for team members.

Invaluable time management insights

Invaluable time management insights

Boost productivity and focus on what’s important.

With WiseTime accurately caputuring and anlaysing your attention, you can see clearly where your time is spent. This can highlight insights that can have large impacts on overall productivity and efficiency that would otherwise go unnoticed.

“We ran a WiseTime trial to see if we can increase billable hours over our existing "start-stop" timekeeping tools. On average, we recovered another hour per person a week in billable time. This is a significant ROI.”

D.S. Trial Manager at Law Firm, Australia

“Every morning I spend about three hours answering client emails. WiseTime automatically tags my replies with the client matter number, so now I know exactly what I worked on. Whether I bill it or not, this is terrific!”

Tony Lee, Attorney, Australia

“After years of looking for a solution to track my time, WiseTime finally gives me a report that I can use, without me having to do anything. Priceless!”

Maritza Schafer, IDyMe, San Francisco

“I manage 20 software developers across 7 countries. WiseTime tells me how many hours each contractor worked for me, and which activities consumed the most time. It even integrates with JIRA!”

Stuart Hughes, London

“I was VERY happy with WiseTime and especially the customer service you provided. I found WiseTime perfect for time tracking purposes. You were the bomb!”

Dr Tom Lagen, MD, US

So focus on what’s important,
and let WiseTime take care of the rest.

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