WiseTime Connect

WiseTime Connect is a Web API that lets you connect your systems to WiseTime. Using WiseTime Connect, you can:

  1. Automatically create tags and keywords in WiseTime
  2. Receive user posted time from WiseTime

For example, you can create a new tag in WiseTime when a new case is added to your case management system, and generate a timesheet entry and matching invoice item whenever a user posts time to your WiseTime team.

WiseTime Connect

Ready Made Connectors

We have implemented ready to use connectors for the following products, with more on the way:

  • Inprotech, CPA Global
  • Patricia, Patrix IP Helpware
  • Jira Server, Atlassian

Connectors can run next to your systems in your own network, and communicate with WiseTime Connect over HTTPS. We are currently in the process of open sourcing our connectors on GitHub.

WiseTime Java Connector Library

Our connectors are implemented using the open source WiseTime Java Connector library. The WiseTime Java Connector library makes it easy to develop custom connectors with very little code. For example, our Jira Connector is implemented using only 3 classes.

The API for the WiseTime Java Connector Library is documented via Javadoc.


WiseTime Connect API

If you are not using Java, you can always use the WiseTime Connect API directly. The API is defined using OpenAPI and you can find our spec on GitHub. To get started, request a WiseTime Connect API key by emailing us at Next, find out how to authenticate with WiseTime Connect.