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How it Works

Thank you for choosing WiseTime, the world´s first seamless, private and automatic time tracking software.

WiseTime automatically records any activity on your computer, independent of what program or operating system you are using. You can review your time log throughout your workday, and easily analyze how much of your time or your team’s time has been spent on any project or client. Making it a great solution for freelancers, development teams, and any professional services teams that revolve around tracking billable time.

Once the software is installed in just a few moments, the WiseTime App will automatically operate in the background logging your time and activities. There is no need to turn it on or off, or clock in or out though you can if needed.  It even has privacy settings to exclude programs and specific websites. WiseTime logs the time spent on your daily activities and the programs you use and also captures any project names, customer or reference numbers that are noted on e-mails subject lines, web page titles or documents names you are working on. WiseTime also offers automatic tagging which are pre-defined keywords you use to reference and categorize project's names or clients, keeping all your tasks organized for you automatically. 

All activity that have been logged in the WiseTime software can then be summarized in the online time log and dashboard called WiseTime Console. Here you can evaluate your individual time and activity. You can examine the data according to the tags you choose, and group smaller activities together for larger tasks. You define the filters for your analytic reporting which will give you the insight you need. With the Team and Enterprise versions, you can determine what activities to keep private and post only the time and activities you want to your team manager. They then can create project and client team analysis reports.

WiseTime is cloud-based and can easily be integrated into your project, finance, or enterprise management solution.*  Talk to the Practice Insight team about integrating WiseTime with your organization.

*Customization may be required.

Questions? Contact the WiseTime team on + 1 877-774-8005 (USA) or email contact@wisetime.io