Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see my data?

Your data is 100% private to you. Your timeline cannot be seen by anyone, not even managers or administrators. To share your data and make it visible to your team managers, you must post your time to your team. Prior to posting your time, you are able to add manual time entries or delete any entries. You have total control over your data and what you wish to share, when and with whom.

How does WiseTime know what to title activity summaries?

WiseTime takes the activity summary from the active applications’ window title. If there are several windows open, it will always capture the active window – this is the window that the mouse is active in. Some common examples are:

  • Microsoft Word or Excel: the document title is captured
  • Outlook: the email subject line is captured
  • Webpages: the title of the page is captured. This title will vary depending on which site and page you are on. To check a window’s title, you can hover over the tab or bookmark the page as the title will be shown as the default name for the bookmark.

How Does the WiseTime software work with the WiseTime Console?

The WiseTime software application works together with WiseTime Console after installation:

  • WiseTime app captures the activity from the users’ computer
  • This is securely sent to the WiseTime Console in the cloud.
  • The WiseTime Console shows the captured activity in a private timeline and automatically applies any tags that are configured
  • Within the WiseTime Console, users can review their activity, post it to their team, and also access the inbuilt analytics dashboard

You can access the application and go to the online console using the WiseTime icon  located in your system tray (near your computer’s clock).

Does WiseTime need internet access to work?

The WiseTime desktop application does not require a connection to capture your activity. This means that all offline activity will still be captured as usual. WiseTime does requires an active connection in order to sync the activity to the WiseTime online console. If you have been working offline, this sync will automatically happen as soon as the connection has been restored.

Which devices are supported?

WiseTime supports Mac OS X 10.8+, Windows 7+ and Ubuntu 16.04+.

What are the system requirements to run the WiseTime software?

  • For Windows OS, WiseTime software requires Windows 7+.
  • For MacOS X, WiseTime software requires Mac OS X 10.8+.
  • For Ubuntu OS, WiseTime software requires Ubuntu 16.04+.

How do I install the WiseTime software on another computer?

If you would like to track your time & activity on more than one computer (i.e. desktop computer & laptop) or you would like to install the WiseTime software on a new computer, simply download the application for your operating system and follow the install instructions. Once installed, you can log into the app and online console with your existing credentials.

Can WiseTime be integrated with Active Directory for large-scale deployments?

Yes, deployment using the Single Sign-On (SSO) that Active Directory / Windows Authentication facilitates can be used to deploy WiseTime client without needing users to be prompted for a password.

In order to use SSO-based deployment, your environment needs to enable the Microsoft IIS server and use version 7 or later of IIS.

I don’t see any activity or time in WiseTime Console?

You will want to verify that you have:

  • Installed the WiseTime software on your computer.
  • Once installed, you will want to Run the software.
  • Once Running you will see the WiseTime icon  located in your system tray, which is located by your computer’s clock.
  • Click on the WiseTime icon and verify that the software is not ‘paused’. If it is, select ‘resume’ and it will start tracking your activity & time.
  • Last, click on the WiseTime icon and check when the last time the WiseTime App has synced with Console.

How to fix WiseTime.exe-application error (error code 0xc000007b)?

Navigate to the Programs folder on your Windows PC. In WiseTime installation folder, you can see a file called vcredist_x64.exe, double click that file to correct the runtime environment. Then, try run WiseTime again.

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