Welcome to WiseTime

Thanks for choosing to outsource your timekeeping to WiseTime.

WiseTime is made up of two components:

  • The desktop app that you install on your computer which captures your tasks as you work

  • The online console that allows you to review your activity, post time to your team and generate reports

Once you have installed the WiseTime desktop app, it will passively operate in the background. The app works by capturing the time spent in your active window - this is the front most window or the one in which your mouse is active. It picks up the application you were using and the window title as well as the duration of time spent there.

The desktop app then sends all the activity to your online console, where you can view and review a private timeline of your day. Here you can add tags, add or delete time entries, and post time to your team. In the console you’ll also be able to generate reports and managers can view their team’s time.

WiseTime is designed to integrate quickly and easily with other systems, with existing integrations taking as little as 1-2 hours to implement or new integrations being set up in only 1-2 days. Talk to the WiseTime team today about integrating with your existing systems or find out more about our API or integrations.

How it works